Saturday, June 11: Getting There

“At the most unexpected moments in your life there is this whisper of the Lord— “Come to Me,” and you are immediately drawn to Him.  The attitude necessary for you to come to Him is one where your will has made the determination to let go of everything and deliberately commit it all to Him.  If you really want to experience ceasing from sin, you must come to Jesus.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

oftentimes when we find ourselves exhausted, burdened, and depleted, we pray to God with a specific result in mind in order to carry on living in the particular way we want. we either want more of something or less of another.

but Christ’s sincere invitation for us to come to Him doesn’t promise a bigger paycheck,  cure for a lingering illness, victory in a legal dispute, or a 180 degree turn in a wayward husband.    what he promises is that we will find the needed rest in Him.

but wait, it isn’t the kind of rest where we take days off, sleep, and do nothing.  rather,  Christ “penetrates us with the spirit of life, sustained by the perfection of vital activity –where every action, thought, feeling, motive, word, and circumstance in our life will work together to fulfill God’s purpose for us, bringing everything into direct harmony with our natural desires.

and with that grace, we shall receive peace of conscience, ease of mind, and tranquility of soul.

He will give us rest, not from work and activity, but from our sins and fears.  with the perfect love He gives, no fear can exist.

when we are saddled with the guilt of our sinfulness, we are inclined to think that we are hopeless and there is no way God will ever forgive us unless we do severe acts of penance and reparation, difficult sacrifices,  and perhaps, substantial donations to the church.

but what is it that Christ just wants?  that we come to Him and receive instant, unconditional pardon.

but how do we come to Jesus?  how is it done?

we come to Christ, with our nothingness and great need — wholeheartedly believing in Him, offering our soul to Him, loving, hoping, and trusting in Him.  we turn to Him and rely upon Him in everything.  we pray.  we ask for forgiveness from our hearts.  we unburden ourselves to Him.  we tell Him everything.

“My Lord,  the love You have is unquenchable, the grace You give is limitless,  Your mercy, liberating and Your power,  unquestionable.  i am happy to be Yours.  never allow me to go astray ever again, no matter what.  i offer the remainder of my life to You to bless in ways that i cannot begin to imagine and can bring glory to Your name.  i pray that my love and faith will deepen so that it may contaminate my children, my family and those i love to seek and come to You. amen.”

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