Thursday, 8 June: Then What’s Next To Do?


God may not always answer our prayers in the manner that we ask because we do not know what is best for us.  but, if we persevere in praying, we might just tire Him and He will give in.  just like Jesus’ story of a friend who persistently bugged his neighbor to lend him a few loaves of bread and eventually got them in the end.

there was something i prayed for so hard and consistently for a long time, like 13 years but God never granted it.  i know how God is not bounded by time but i’m prone to believe that 13 years is a long time to persevere in begging from anyone’s point of view.

what was funny about it was that when i gave up praying because i didn’t want and need it anymore, He granted it.  🙂  tough, yeah?

but right when i reached that stage of not wanting it anymore, the process of enlightenment began. God gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit to understand His will, the grace to accept, totally agree with it, and follow it.

today’s reading tells us that when we reach the depths of our total insufficiency, poverty, or need, God will not delay in granting our prayers anymore.  what does that mean?  does God take pleasure in playing hard to get, in making us wait, or in watching us suffer to our very last breath?

no, God waits to find that certain quality of prayer, that certain way of  praying that flows out from deep within — minus our pride, our selfish interests, our lust, and other ulterior motives.

for God knows that it is only when we are down to nothing emotionally, physically, and financially, past the point of desperation, that we pray and surrender in all humility and genuine need for His grace… when we finally accept, appreciate, and honor Him as our Father and Source and whose loving will we seek, we trust and desire… when we no longer pray with a specific result in mind but in complete trust and surrender…. when the  Holy Spirit who resides within us sees, agonizes, and feels Himself our utter need and faith will pray that same prayer, if not more, to God.

and God, who can identify with the One  praying will grant it instantly.


now we know why God does not answer our prayers!  1) because He cannot identify with anything in it;  2) because our prayers are not in complete harmony with His will;  3) because we do not really believe, trust, and honor Him as our true Source, and 4) because we do not pray with the Holy Spirit in us.

but what if the Holy Spirit is not really there within us or we don’t feel Him there at all?

we ask God to grant us His Spirit.  we pray to God for Him (Luke 11:13) — for “The Holy Spirit is the one who makes everything that Jesus did for us real in our life.”  — My Utmost For His Highest


“my Lord God, thank You for teaching me how to pray. thank You for hearing me all the time, for looking after my needs and mine.  thank You most of all for the gift of Your Holy Spirit who dwells in me.  my dear Holy Spirit, never forsake me, please. rest in me as i in You that i may always be of God in all things. 

i sincerely ask You today to bless my family, my friends, my workers, those reading this today, and the whole world with Your guiding presence in their hearts that we all may be one in You, trusting God, looking to Him for everything, and giving glory to His name.  I love you, my sweet Jesus!”

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