Monday: “Work Out” What God “Works In” You

as christian believers, we are called not just to base our everyday living on our strong and unshakable faith in the complete and perfect redemption of the Lord but also to exhibit it overtly in every aspect of our life.

that is what is meant by “working out” our salvation.   God’s will becomes our will automatically.  as natural as breathing, our natural choices will be in accordance with His will.    (My Utmost For His Highest)

i do not want to appear inconsistent and unbelieving, but this is dreadfully confusing.  what if my natural choice does not comply with God’s doctrines?  am i safe to conclude that being reborn, deeply in love, and united with Christ, my will is indeed also His will?

given the strong-willed (aka stubborn) nature that i was born with,  i struggle about discernment and obedience in certain areas of my life. as much as i dislike my situation simply because i hate offending  God, i honestly find it difficult to accept  that i have to go against my natural choice which happens to be based not on whims and fancy but on glaring external signs and real circumstances just in order to submit to what i think is God’s will.

albeit i know that we sometimes have to follow our faith blindly,  i also know that doing so will be nothing but self-destructive and dumb.  so what am i supposed to do?  (in the real world, i would be told off for not using my head.)

i really cannot also see how God would want anything like that for anyone, anyway.

that in taking the giant leap of faith He demands from us, we and others will have to go through inevitable pain and misery (if not martyrdom) as we wait and pray until He accomplishes His work in us…. when in reality, we can just harmlessly prevent it from happening by using our heads and following our gut-feel, conscience,  and will right now.  then we save the Lord from having to perform miracles which could be of better use elsewhere — in life and death situations, for sure.

why force the issue?

God blessed us with intelligent minds to read signs.  we cannot just ignore its dictates to give God a chance to prove Himself.  He doesn’t need that.

i keep forgetting that i do not need to fret and worry too much, rush, and rearrange my life ” to accomplish or earn my salvation.”    gosh, it’s Christ who does that for me!

all i need to do is to look to Him every single minute in full trust and confidence that i am indeed where He wants me to be…. that sometimes He sends us imperfect situations and beings not for the purpose of us becoming supermen and wonder women in perfecting and saving others but to work around, to help, and to love… that anytime, i am perfectly fine with His will, anyway…  and that yes, my natural choices have finally become His choices, too.

Have no fear.  “our natural choices will be in accordance with His will.”

i rest my case.

thank God for that.

“my Lord God, it is not always easy to understand Your word.  if this is my test of faith and i have failed, please forgive me.  You have saved me by Your supreme love.  You read my heart like an open book so You know my commitment to You. i love You, my sweet Jesus!  grant me the wisdom to always understand Your word and Your ways. ”  

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