Saturday, June 4: The Never-Forsaking God

“He himself has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ ”  — Hebrews 13:5

I will be with You.  I will go with You.  this is the most prominent promise of God in the bible.  He said it every time.  and the best part is, God always keeps His promises.

coming a close second to our salvation, this is the next best incentive for us to love  and believe in the Lord.

imagine, our God never forsaking us?  what more can we ask?  there is no more need to fear for our everyday needs are well looked after.  we have a big-time backer who happens to be our very own Father!

God never stops amazing, impressing, and filling me with awe and thanksgiving of His faithfulness in looking after my concerns.  He has never let me down.

there are times when He fills my cup overflowing just as there are times when He fills it half-full.  rarely and only for a very short time though does He leave me with nothing.  but regardless of how He fills me,  i know He provides— exactly the same thing i tell my kids and friends.  God provides.

remember, any suffering  seems that way only from our human perspective.  but God sends it for a purpose — that is why we cannot give up.  we hold on hard to God’s words that He is indeed always with us.  adversities are there to learn from.   and, when we present our needs to the Lord as better, wiser, and changed children of God,  rest assured that He, too, will not delay  in leading us to  the end of our trials to find our joy.

we only need to look where we are now to accept, appreciate, and believe this.  do you honestly believe that you got to where you are now under your own steam?

i didn’t.  only by the grace of God.

“Lord, strengthen my faith every time that whatever needs i find unmet, i still will rest in the certainty that You are watching and giving way to the happiness that You desire and plan for me.  but still, i humbly and confidently ask that You always grant me, as well as every parent, every guardian, every head, and every business owner the means and abundance to look after those You have put in our care.  thank You, Jesus.  this i ask the Father in Your holy name. amen.”

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