Friday, June 3: The Secret of the Lord

our sorrows are rarely kept secret.  they become public knowledge as soon as word gets out the door.  in fact, many times, other people know first about our problems and latest gossip before we even get to know about them ourselves.

people get to know first about our problems before they get to know us  as persons.  that is, if they ever get the privilege to do at all.

it is only those close to us who know the real story.   still, not all those close to us know everything.  we have secrets that we share to just a privileged few — to the one or two closest of all.

similarly, we know and hear of God’s many problems: man’s exploitation, abuse, conflicts, wars, destruction and death brought about by his greed, hatred, pride, ill-will, arrogance, boastfulness, deceit, and envy.  we know what causes God’s anger.

but how many of us bother to go beyond this world of endless sorrows to know the God who owns it?  His nature, His promises, His purpose and desires?

do we ever bother to find out more about this unrequited Love that awaits eagerly to bestow?  are we one of the selected few who is allowed access to classified information about Himself? about His secret joy that He wants so much to share?

when do we realize that a close relationship with our Creator, the God of love,  is the most powerful clout we all will ever need?  it is our key to life — to our understanding of ourselves and everything around us– that opens doors for us that will take us to greater heights in self-discovery and mastery.

when we know God, when our whole consciousness is flooded with His light and delight, we are brought face to face with who we are — what we can do in Him, with Him and through Him — and most of all, what awaits us.

likewise, when we allow God into our inner circle… to become intimate with us… to grant Him His secret joy… to let His light break through our walls of indifference, ignorance, and sin, and surrender ourselves to His Will just as our Savior Jesus said, “Let Your will be done,” we give Him the liberty and the pleasure to participate in our every need, big and small, that “show His amazing intimacy with us— He knows every detail of each of our individual lives.” — My Utmost for His Highest.

only then can we take our joys to the level of the Infinite.

“Lord, i humbly ask that You flood me with Your Light and Delight today that i may go through the problems and confusion in Your comfort and support.  I need it badly, my Lord — to see the sure joy that awaits me at every end.”

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