Wednesday, April 20: Can A Saint Falsely Accuse God?

We must never measure our spiritual capacity on the basis of our education and intellect but on the gift of the Holy Spirit… on the promises of God.  When it is a question of God’s Almighty Spirit, never say “I can’t.” — My Ultimate For His Highest

candidly, i cannot recall any incident when i falsely accused God.

but in this reading today based on the parable of talents,  the mere act of “daring to worry” after He has promised to add all these things when we have sought the kingdom of God”… or  failing to put ourselves forward to act on  God’s prompts over lame excuses as inconvenience, false humility, busyness, fear, insecurity, laziness, negativity, doubt, pride, stubbornness, greed, or feelings of incapacity, and so forth are in fact acts of defiance to God.

when we do this, we are falsely accusing our Master just like the servant in the parable who said, ” You demand too much.. expect more than You have given me the power to do…  You are an exacting man… I cannot stand to You where You have placed me.”

dear God, forgive me.

just as Christ’s life, suffering and death constituted total consent, total faith, and a total “YES” to God’s plan no matter what the cost and regardless of what He had to overcome,  everything in our life now, after receiving the Holy Spirit, should repeat the same “YES”  to His promises — whether or not we honestly feel we can do it.

Our own natural ability/limitation is of no concern here — only the promises of God.

“Is God able to fulfill His promises?  Our answer depends on whether or not we have received the Holy Spirit.”  — My Ultimate For His Highest

“Lord God, fill me, fill me and fill me more of Your Holy Spirit so that i can do all things in You.  Take away fear, insecurity, pride, human respect, and whatever impediment is left in me so i can rise to every occasion to stand up for You and exhibit Your love and spirit.  Amen”

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