Wednesday, March 30: “And He… was astonished that there was no one to intercede…” (Isaiah 59:16)

before anything, i came home last night to a wonderful surprise.  my precious book has been fixed! earlier in the morning,  i had asked cecile, my good-natured helper, to arrange the pages from start to finish as someone had accidentally dropped it in the car while taking out the groceries, scattering all the pages on the floor.  but she did more than that — she glued them all back together!   she’s not just a good cook but an expert bookbinder, too!  praise God for cecile!

why do you pray?  if you’re anything like my old me,  i prayed to run to Jesus for help, seek solace, explain my choices,  ask for forgiveness,  ask Him to look after my kids, my sisters and their kids, remind Him how much i needed Him, beg Him never to leave me — not for a moment, please or i’d be in deeper sh-t than i already was.

i used to find curious how at mass i would hear intercessions for  government leaders, for victims of so and so, for the pope, church leaders, Muslims, etc. when all i could honestly think about was my own hapless predicament.  back in melbourne at the st. paul’s church i frequented, each parishioner was encouraged to say out loud his/her personal intention and all that was mentioned were pleas for others.  naturally, i never had the nerve to speak out for myself.

prayer  is an expression of our relationship of love, affection,  our hold,  our intimacy,  — with the Father, with Jesus our Savior, with the Holy Spirit, our breath of life.  and, as we are all enjoined to ALWAYS act out of LOVE for GOD and for ONE ANOTHER, then it should come automatically to pray for others, too!

just like Jesus. He was the perfect example of an intercessor.  His entire life was practically one huge intercession — to bridge the wide gap between us and and our Father — and, after the most painful, most horrifying, and most inconceivable self-sacrifice, winning our redemption.

so lately, i find myself praying in earnest for the disaster victims in japan,  plead in tears for the healing of an 11-year old boy i haven’t even met, who was stricken with an undiagnosed disease,  lying in languor in a hospital room in singapore,  i have prayed and fasted for my nephew’s success in his board exams, and so forth.

Lord, my Savior, teach me always to be like You.  Let your selfless love work in me so i will genuinely care about others, pray for them and lift them up to God our Father, the ultimate Source of healing, strength, and love.

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